Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suelyn ask me put one....XD

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick update

Alright ppl!!! Just a short update on wad i know's going on...

HELP n MCKL ppl r having holiday....
Taylors ppl r having trials....

And Nalanda's competition is weeks away!!! 4th n 5th sept to be exact.

Oh wait. Seniors category is 5th sept.

SO anyway, KUDOS to ky wg yl sx wt zw sm vic justin for singing hard!!!!
And xxx for playing hard. ><

Hey guys, i'm gonna start facebook group la. I'll see how soon XDD

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey guys!!!!! We gotta keep close ok, although we're on mostly separate paths, but we gotta noe whr we started from!!! So here's the deal...

Keep posting to me whatever stuff u all wanna post, n i'll post it up here. Just give some crap la k. Everytime we come online, visit this blog!!! I'll update it weekly....n hope u guys do the same. Drop some comments and get connected ppl!!

Get revived!!! XDDD

*I'll be editing the blog, so will take some time.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Updates of the latest committee list
organiser : justin
secretary : bryan fong
treasurer : john wong
accomodations : justin
transportation : xinyi [h], & bryan fong
public relations : sui lun
food chef & BBQ : john & charmaine
programmes : weigin [h] & yanleng
first aid : xinyi & weigin

Trip details are as follow
Date : 27-30 December 2009 (Sunday - Wednesday)
Duration : 4D 3N
Budget : 300-400RM
Any enquires, pls refer to them. All the best and cheers =D

Sunday, July 5, 2009


and this time we have a very important announcement for you all. as you all know that last year our year end trip did not work out. but this year, we're planning one and IT WILL BE A SUCCESS if everyone cooperate with us. ;)

and as most of us will be going to seperate ways to further our studies (just the matter of time) and we want to grab the opportunity to spend time with all of you as much as possible! *aww, sound so sweet kan? ;)*

okay, serious now! (hahaha, since when I can be serious? ;P) this year, we plan to go to... *DRUM ROLLS*...



try to make yourselves free between 26th - 30th December 2009 because we plan to go between that few days. but you have to make your choice, do you wanna go on a 4D3N trip or a 3D2N trip? DO LEAVE A COMMENT IN THIS POST TO STATE WHICH ONE YOU PREFER!

do not worry about the budget and transportation, we'll update on you guys about it as soon as possible and we will try to come out with a reasonable budget and yet a satisfying trip too!

any enquiries, you can just msn / email / sms / call JUSTIN (ze main organiser).
by the way, just to update you guys, xinyi, weigin, bryan, suilun and I will be helping out with the arrangements too! ;)

organiser : justin lee
secretary : bryan fong
treasurer : john wong
public relations : sui lun
transportation : xinyi [h], & bryan fong
programmes : weigin [h] & yanleng

feel free to drop us any suggestions! it'll be greatly appreciated. ;)

stay tuned for more. :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MIngz was here

Wassup people!!! *soundless situation* People?? Ningens (humans in japanese)?? Manusia?? Are you there??

People update the blog la.. anything la.. this blog is like freaking dead la.. those of you who want the account and pass can come and look for us la. Its free for all from now on!! Everyone can use!! Okie okie??

Use this to express your feelings la.. okay so lets start with me..

Im feeling nervous now..cause i got drama competition tomorrow and i got exams coming. XD

Yeap something like that. XD Just make it alive la..

MIngz signing out~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey, no one update ke? Anybody reading this, can tell me whether BackSitter still exist, or it just dissolved into One Voice, One Melody?? Hahaha....

I feel like having another gathering...when EVERYONE comes...and NOT FFK!!!

Peace out, AhLun.